President’s Letter

CCC Logo 1smOctober 2019

Message from Pam Lindsay, President

Hello all!
As I write this I am on my final day
of preparation/packing/loading to head out for the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Rally. I have only gone once before, several years ago with Stuart, and we had such a wonderful time!!! You are parked with 100+ other airstreams just steps from the balloon launching area! You can literally step outside your trailer and see all the balloons just above you! It’s incredible!!! If you have never gone…….you MUST! It’s one of those ‘bucket’ experiences!!! And Albuquerque has so many things to see/do!!!
But, then, so many of our rallies are not to be missed either!……..REALLY! The nicest thing about our unit/club is what we share……….friendship and fun and a lot of good info regarding your trailer!!! I think we are unique because it’s such a great group that enjoys each and every one individually!!! If you haven’t come to a rally……….you really need to! You will be welcomed and maybe even surprised how easy going we all are…… (you’ll find rally coupons on our website and Facebook group.)

Rallies are our core means to reconnect and enjoy the camaraderieof our group! That’s what we are all about!!! FUN!! FRIENDSHIP! CAMPING!

And, if you want to become more involved/at the core…………please letany board member know! Like any organization, we always welcome volunteers!!!

Also, I would encourage you to submit your membership renewal early (by Nov 1 to be in the published membership listing) …………the holidays throw us all off…and you don’t want to miss another year with the CCC!!!  We don’t want to miss another year of seeing you!!!!

Cheers! Good health! Looking forward to seeing you!!!

– Come join us!