President’s Letter

CCC Logo 1smMay & June 2019

Message from Pam Lindsay, President

Hello my fellow CCCUers!
As you read this I will be in England with my son and daughter, along with Stuart’s sister, Anne, her husband, Dennis, and their daughter, Esmie to take Stuart’s ashes home to Nuneaton. It is a small town North of London, close to Coventry, where he was born and raised until his parents decided to immigrate to the USA. Their English heritage followed them. Both Stuart and Anne were very much into horses. With their parents’ blessing, they legally immigrated, and Stuart became an American citizen! But since, his roots were in England, and his parent’s ashes are there also, it was clear that he should join them!

I bring this up to share, but also to express my deep desire that each and everyone one of you thoroughly enjoy your time with loved ones and friends. We never know when that will no longer be available to us! Stuart truly enjoyed all our excursions with the CCCU, and he especially enjoyed all of you!! So I thank you for all the memories!!! Develop yours!!! Join in for the October Balloon Fiesta and the Region 12 rally in Bakersfield! Sharing fun, friendship and camping is definitely the way to go!!!
– Come join us!